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Welcome to a rare glimpse inside of my beautiful and somewhat messed up mind. I chase my dreams no matter how big they are and I believe in magic; the magic of words, art, music, love, and most importantly the magic of life. People who don't know me think I'm weird and crazy and kinda mental and the thing is I am all those things. I'm weird in a good way, crazy in a fun way and mental in a beautiful way. I don't give a shit what people think of me because at the end of the day all that matters is what I think of me. People who know me will say I'm fun, simple, spontaneous, adventurous, rebellious, kind, funny, and sweet. Acting is my passion and has been since I was 5 years old; and one day you will see me on the big screen. I'm a cutter and I'm not ashamed but I mention this because I'm a great listener and great at giving advice so if you need someone to talk to I'm always here. I'm obsessed with fashion, music, tattoos, piercings, Brad Renfro, Leonardo Dicaprio, and dying my hair. I'm part Italian, Irish, Czechoslovakian, and British. I have blue eyes, black hair and a sweet smile. 14 boys saved my life and they are in separate groups known as Big Time Rush, The Wanted, and The Janoskians. The motto I live by is "You can spend your whole life daydreaming but only when you face your fear and step out of the daydream can you really make your dream come true." Thanks for reading :)

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disneychannelpr: The last scene the #GoodLuckCharlie cast filmed was Teddy's final video diary #bts [x]
disneychannelprThe last scene the #GoodLuckCharlie cast filmed was Teddy's final video diary #bts [x]

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on reddit there was a discussion about how Good Luck Charlie became the first children’s show with gay parents. One person was complaining, using the typical “how do I explain it to my kids” bullshit, and then someone replied with this utter smackdown


I relate to this man on a spiritual level.


I relate to this man on a spiritual level.


“Good Luck Charlie” introduces Disney Channel’s first lesbian characters

Last night, during the penultimate episode of Good Luck Charlie, The Disney Channel finally introduced its first ever gay characters: a lesbian couple named Susan and Cheryl, and while it was a really big deal for LGBTQ visibility—Susan and Cheryl are the first gay couple on any child-targeting network—the show handled their sexuality as a complete non-issue. […]

The Disney Channel knew the introduction of Susan and Cheryl was going to be a problem with some conservative groups (most loudly, One Million Moms, the hyper-religious group comprised of about 100 moms), so they preempted the complaining with a statement back in July, saying that the episode would be written “under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisers.” Which is ridiculous and hilarious, but they went through with their plans, so I applaud them fervently. Hopefully, Disney Channel’s future will unfold just as the One Million Moms predict:  ”If Good Luck Charlie goes through with introducing LGBT content, then the floodgates will be opened for all programs on the Disney Channel–a trend that will be almost impossible to stop.”

That’s actually exactly what happened with ABC Family, and would you get a load of the dozens of queer female characters (and lesbian/gay writers and showrunners and directors) on that network now? They practically run the place! Seriously, here’s hoping Disney (and Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and the like) hop on board the Children’s Visibility Train. It’s finally leaving the station!

Full article here: http://www.afterellen.com/good-luck-charlie-introduces-disney-channels-first-lesbian-characters/01/2014/


Somewhere in this world, there is a little girl
And she is going to be so excited about the Good Luck Charlie episode with the lesbian mom’s
Because it won’t be weird that she has two moms. 
And I can just hear her saying “It’s not weird! There was a Good Luck Charlie episode where a girl has two moms!”
And kids listen to media 
And so they’ll agree it isn’t weird. 
And that makes me really happy. 


Disney Channel introduces their first LGBT couple on Good Luck Charlie



Equality on the Disney Channel:

No matter how old you are, what gender you are or what your sexual orientation is… Nobody likes Bob’s bug stories.